What’s the point?


Running your own business can be such a whirlwind of highs, lows and generally a little bit crazy at times.

It can be so easy to get so absorbed that you start to ask yourself “what’s the point?”

How many times have you missed doing something because you were too focused on work? Have you missed a family meal, drinks with friends, or simply downtime to read a book and get an early night?

In September I realised I hadn’t had a holiday since last Christmas!

Week after week had passed and I hadn’t taken any time off.

It made me question myself; what was the point? What was the point in working hard to build the business, if I couldn’t take the time off to enjoy life?

We’ve all got bucket lists full of adventures to which we say “I’ll do that one day, it’s on my bucket list!” but I know for me: days, months and years are passing by and I’m still not ticking those experiences off!

With this in mind I’ve just returned from Norway.

I’ve ticked three of my bucket list items off: whale watching, husky sledding and seeing the Northern Lights. It was incredible! 

And that’s “The point!”

That’s why I immerse myself in my business but I must remember to come up for air and enjoy life. I’m planning my next holiday and preparing to tick some more boxes on that bucket list!

If your bucket list isn’t enough of a motivation check out Tim Ferris’s “The 4-hour workweek” and James Wallman’s “Stuffocation”. They’ll give you some inspiration and maybe a different perspective and focus on life.