Why it’s okay when a prospect says “No” …

I’ve just put the phone down after receiving a “No”. To be honest it wasn’t a definite yes on my prospect list but I was surprised by the decision they had made.

As I’m writing this and coming to terms with my “No” (said a little tongue in cheek) I have to remind myself that it’s okay to get the “No’s” from prospects.

The reason?

You have to get “No’s” to get your “Yes’s”.

However good you are as a salesperson or an account manager, however good your product is or however good your company is there’s always decision makers who are going to say “No”.

But the good news is I’m one “No” closer to my “Yes”!

My statistics show that I need to book X number of appointments, to produce X number of proposals, resulting in X number of new customers.

Remember there are so many reasons (some of which will be out of your control) as to why you will get your “No’s”.

·        Perhaps you’re just the second quote they need to test the market (and there was never an opportunity).

·        Perhaps they don’t like your product.

·        Perhaps they don’t like you (or if we are being kind on ourselves, maybe they just prefer the other salesperson)!

Whatever the reason for the “No” you can move one step closer to getting your “Yes”!

And remember a “No” today may be a “Yes” in the future.”


Credit to “Go for No” - Richard Fenton and Angela Waltz - http://www.goforno.com/