Printing tips to help the environment

1 – Don’t print – Sounds familiar eh? But it’s true. Every time you print just think about the purpose of having a paper copy and if it’s really needed. Perhaps you just need to adapt how you work.

2 – Duplex printing – There are few reasons printed copies need to be single sided now a days. This will potentially half the amount of paper you use. So, like last month not only will it reduce your paper bill but also reduce your impact on the resources needed.

3 – Restrict usage – Our range of Toshiba devices come with an embedded facility to allow you to implement user or departmental codes. We can show you how to set this up and monitor what individuals/departments are up to. Again, guess what… this will reduce the amount of paper you use, a thumbs up to the environmental impact but will also reduce your costs! Yay

A good way to understand what your current printing habits are, could be to install a trial version of PaperCut. This will provide reports, which in turn will allow you to assess and implement new habits if required. Follow this link or give us a call to assist with installing it.

PaperCut Free 40 day trial

4 – Booklet mode – Most printers will have this function. It allows you to produce your document in the format of a booklet. It will save print costs, paper and possibly will look better from a presentation perspective.

5 – Sample mode – How many times have you printed a bulk run and then realised you’d made a mistake? The Toshiba range offer a feature called “sample mode” that will allow you to print one copy, check it over and either delete or continue with the rest. Saving unnecessary paper going in the bin.

6 – Ditch the meeting notes and presentations – Instead of rocking up to your next meeting with notes/presentations to pass around why don’t you check out ClickShare and see if this could work in your meeting room.

ClickShare is a wireless presentation system where employees or visitors can share content from their device on a communal TV, Projector or Monitor direct from their PC. No Faff and no cables.

ClickShare - Click here for more information

7 – The Toshiba Hybrid MFD – This machine is the first of its kind. It allows you to reuse the paper by erasing the toner once you’ve finished with the document. You can do this process, again and again. Don’t believe me Check it out here! This could massively reduce your impact on the environment.

And finally,

8 – Buy a Toshiba! Why? Through C02 Balance we are helping to do our little bit for the environment by Carbon Offsetting the environmental impact of your device. Click here to find out more!

If in the meantime you need any assistance with any of the changes or suggestions please just get in touch!