Money, money, money

Budget time and the financial year end has been and gone and now you need to make the cost savings you laid out in those financial plans!

Printing and copying may be an area that could be improved upon and a quick win, so we’re going to list a few simple and easy ways you could save some money.


1 – Don’t print – Okay so maybe not the best suggestion and eventually you might do us out of a job, but in reality, you probably could reduce how much you print or copy. Every time you print just think about the purpose of having a paper copy and if its really needed. Perhaps you just need to adapt how you work.

2 – Duplex printing – There are few reasons things need to be single sided now a days. It won’t save money on your printing costs but it will save money on your paper costs.

3 – Mono only – Wherever possible print in mono. Colour prints are 10 x the price of mono prints! Over the course of a year that is a lot of money! Educate your staff so they know this too.

A good way to understand what your current printing habits are, could be to install a trial version of PaperCut. This will provide reports, which in turn will allow you to assess and implement new habits if required. Follow this link or give us a call to assist with installing it.

PaperCut Free 40 day trial

4 – If you need a bit of colour, have you thought about using coloured paper instead of colour toner? Use black toner on coloured paper and you will save on average 40% per print!

5 – Booklet mode – Most printers will have this function. It allows you to produce your document in the format of a booklet. It will save print cost, paper and possibly will look better from a presentation perspective.

6 – Ditch the meeting notes and presentations – Instead of rocking up to your next meeting with notes/presentations to pass around why don’t you check out ClickShare and see if this could work in your meeting room.

ClickShare is a wireless presentation system where employees or visitors can share content from their device on a communal TV, Projector or Monitor direct from their PC. No Faff and no cables.

ClickShare - Click here for more information

7 -   User codes – Might seem a little bit big brother but adding user codes really makes people think about what they are printing and passes on some of the responsibility to the individual user or department.

8 – Locked print – This feature can be defaulted from the print driver and means no unwanted prints are produced without the user selecting what they want to print once at the printer. If you no longer need the document, just delete it.

Points 7 and 8 can be addressed in a more advanced way via PaperCut but these suggestions are free and come as standard, so we would recommend you give them ago first!

And finally

9 – The Toshiba Hybrid MFD – This machine is the first of its kind. It allows you to reuse the paper by erasing the toner once you’ve finished with the document. You can do this process, again and again. Don’t believe me Check it out here!

It could save you up to 80% on your paper costs.

A good one to end on don’t you think?!

Maybe just by implementing one of these changes you could see a reduction in your costs. We’d love to get your feedback if you do.

If in the meantime you need any assistance with any of the changes or suggestions please just get in touch!