Should I buy my printer on line?

We sometimes get asked “why would I buy from Prolific when I may be able to get the same product cheaper on line”?

We get it, those prices can be pretty darn cheap but it’s not always what it appears to be.

A couple of things you need to look out for when doing a price comparison:

-         Are the products comparable and do the same job?

-         Is the configuration of the device the same?

-         Are there delivery costs?

-         Are there installation and ICT set up cost’s?

-         Will someone complete a physical site survey for you?

-         What are the service costs? Do you pay a cost per copy, do you pay for toner etc?

-         Is there a minimum bill you have to pay each month irrespective of the usage on your  device?

-         Are the engineers local?

-         Will you receive account reviews?

-         Is your volume monitored to help keep your on-going costs as low as possible?

-         Who do you go to if something goes wrong?

We’ve listed just a few of the key things to look out for and you can probably guess the answers to the above if you were to work with Prolific!

Perhaps have a look at some of our google reviews, they speak for themselves!

“Prolific continually provide us with a great service. We were helped to transition from our old provider to Prolific making the whole process painless. Paula is great and continues to provide great service beyond that new business phase, this is real customer care !!” – Matt Hemming

“Prolific solutions have delivered a consistent professional service for many years and the machine they chose for us has been the best we have ever had. Their support in setting it all up in the early days was invaluable. Highly recommended.” – Atwell Martin

“Paula worked really hard to help us understand what our requirements actually were, and how we could best get the most for our budget. We've been a customer for years now and wouldn't go anywhere else. Would recommend to anyone!” - NLM


We know cost is important and we make sure our pricing is reflective of that. But we also know that the service and support a customer receives is critical to the smooth running of their business.

Next time you think you can get a product or service cheaper on line, just ask yourself what you may have to compromise on.