Above and beyond

It’s easy to “talk the talk” when demonstrating to prospecting new customers about what you do and what makes you different compared to competitors. The phase “above and beyond” gets used in everyday language, but what does that actually mean?

For us, going “above and beyond” is a way of everyday thinking. It’s a mindset.


Here’s an example of that in action.

Last week we had a pretty difficult installation to complete.

The challenges:

-         The customer provides services to vulnerable Women. This means unknown delivery crews, engineers and ICT technicians turning up at unknown times would be difficult

-         The customer could have no downtime in printing, the machine needed to be in action from 0830-1700

-         The new machine was to be installed on the second floor of a converted terraced house. The stairway was going to be an issue

-         Due to the building there was no room to install one printer and then remove the other at a later date, it needed to be a straight swap


So how did we overcome these challenges?

-         We arranged a pre 8am delivery before the office opened at 0900 and clients were on site

-         We arranged to have a back up logistics company on standby in case the stairs caused on issue and more crew were needed

-         Fortunately, the machine went up the stairs with no problems, which meant all the logistic company had to do was remove the old machine.

-         In the 30 mins we had left before the printer was needed by the customer, we had an ICT engineer on site to complete the IT set up and get the customer back up and printing on their lovely new Toshiba!

All of this was achieved between 0700-0800. Back end this took a little extra organisation compared to our “normal” installs. The customer was none the wiser.

You could say we went “above and beyond” but for us it was just another day.