What five snacks should you keep in your desk drawer to stay energised?

Snacking has earned itself a bad reputation. While enjoying a snack in the office should be a method of fuelling your day, healthy treats have become lost in a pile of chocolate wrappers and crisp bags leaving you feeling sluggish and unproductive during your work day. It doesn't have to be like this, and in this blog we set out to prove that there are plenty of ways to keep yourself nourished at all times of the day with these healthy suggestions.


1. Hectares Sweet Potato Crisps


Sweet potatoes have been labelled as a 'super food', and this is because they are a complex carbohydrate that are known to be generally better for you than bog standard potatoes. For crisp addicts who like to ignore the amount of saturated fat in their favourite snack, try the sweet potato variety from Hectares, which come in a variety of flavours - from lightly salted to piri-piri and are even gluten free!


2. 9 Bar


Another gluten free favourite is the 9 Bar which was designed with the chocolate lover in mind, but it’s a long way from your Snickers and your Mars Bars. With a low glycaemic index and high protein content, they keep you fuller for longer, and don't forget about the large amount of magnesium packed away in this coated mix of sunflower, sesame, pumpkin and hemp seeds. Check them out here.


3. Marshfield Bakery Honeycomb Tiffin


For those of us to whom a chocolate bar is practically savoury compared to the cakes and cookies we like to gorge on, the Marshfield Bakery Honeycomb Tiffin is a great source of energy from a family baker that was started in a farmhouse kitchen.


4. Isle of Wight Biltong


Biltong is a form of lean meat which is tasty, as well as being a long-lasting snack. If you are a protein fiend looking for a top-up without reaching for a greasy fast food option, biltong is a great snack choice. Similarly, those trying to cut down on their chewing gum intake might find it a worthy replacement. And who said it has to be imported from South Africa? Check out the Isle of Wight variety here.


5. Ludlow Nuts


Nuts are a fantastic source of protein, energy, and a mess-free, shareable snack which could have been created with the office in mind. Ludlow Nuts combine dried fruits and seeds to give you a potent hit of goodness that won't make a mess of your desk.


If your office needs a pick me up you can rely on Office Pantry to source the best healthy and energy boosting snacks the UK has to offer. For an informal chat about your requirements, contact us today.

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