Case study with Hesters Way Neighbourhood Project

Why Hesters Way Neighbourhood Project approached Prolific Solutions

Hesters Way Neighbourhood Project is a Cheltenham-based charity run by local people for local people. The organisation helps to tackle social exclusion issues across local neighbourhoods, relieving poverty, ill health and disadvantage through advocacy, education, personal development, self help and active community projects. The charity went out to tender for the provision of their printing and copying fleet. They needed a partner who would meet their requirements and deliver a service they could rely on so that others could rely on them in turn.

What Prolific Solutions did for Hesters Way

After assessing Hesters Way's printer and photocopier requirements, Prolific Solutions delivered a short action plan detailing possible improvements. This included reducing monthly costs, the  impact on the environment, improving product quality and improving their efficiency.

The results

Hesters Way were really satisfied with the way Prolific Solutions installed and educated users on how to use the new Toshiba photocopiers efficiently. Paramount was the impressive 70% saving on the contract and running costs but in addition they were pleased with the improved print quality and reliability of the machines. Mr. Kevin Devaney, Operational and Developmental Manager of Hesters Way, said, "Hesters Way Neighbourhood Project is delighted with the service of Prolific Solutions, from enquiry to contract to commissioning... The savings are being used to support more of our community activities, helping young and old people alike where it is needed."


Paula HortonComment