5 reasons why Toshiba printers are terrible

Despite being manufactured by one of the largest, most influential and innovative technology providers in the world, Toshiba printers are utterly awful. Why? Let us explain...

1. They automatically order your toner

It's always a pain when a printer runs out of toner, but when there's no replacement anywhere to be found in the office it's a pretty great excuse to slack off and procrastinate; you can't possibly do any more work without a working printer and when there's toner to be ordered. Sadly, Toshiba devices automatically order toner when you replace one, so you'll never have a printer-related excuse for procrastinating - ugh.

2. They last forever

Everyone loves playing with shiny new office technology, but since Toshiba printers are built to last a really long time, you won't have the chance to experiment with a brand new printer every year. How dull is that?

3. They're really efficient

Many printers use loads of energy and have an awful carbon footprint, which is a great excuse to do less work and less printing - you're just doing your bit for the environment! Sadly, that's not the case for Toshiba printers, which have a really small carbon footprint. You'll be forced to be productive with one of these awful things in the office.

4. They reduce the need for outsourcing

Toshiba devices are reliable, they print in amazing high quality, and there are loads of optional configurations which can make them suit your exact needs perfectly. There's simply no need to outsource printing when there's a Toshiba in the office, and you just loved being able to spend money on regular outsourced print jobs!

5. They're highly secure

Toshiba machines instantly encrypt any information sent to their hard drives, which means data is always totally secure and safe. What or who will you be able to blame for lack of data security when something goes wrong? What a nightmare.

Still want a Toshiba printer?

Prolific Solutions is an authorised provider of Toshiba's multi-functional products, so if you haven't been put off and really do want to burden yourself with a Toshiba printer, please get in touch!

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