14 things we hate waiting for

Every office has one – the person you turn to when the photocopier gets jammed, the printer runs out of toner, or the scanner is refusing to talk to your other office gadgets. If you don’t know who that person is, it’s probably you!

The problem we all have is that we live in an “I expect it yesterday” society, and we can’t do waiting. Even our tech has got faster to cope with our demands. “Buffering”, “Loading” and “Spooling” are words which will drive even the least tech savvy person mad.

What else out there is designed to drive the impatient person crazy? We’ve put together a list of things people hate waiting for. See if you can make it through the list without exploding with rage.

1)    Waiting for your PC to turn on in the morning

2)    Your name to be called in the doctor’s waiting room

3)    The bus which should have been here ten minutes ago

4)    Any sort of cheque in the post

5)    The slow walker who has positioned themselves in front of you on the pavement

6)    Waiting for a printer/photocopier engineer to turn up to fix your device

7)    Queuing behind the person who is doing their weekly shop in a petrol station

8)    A takeaway delivery

9)    The washing machine to finish the cycle

10)    A reply to a really important text message

11)    People who take ages in the bathroom

12)    Pay day

13)    Your tea to cool to the perfect temperature and in a split second you’ve missed it

14)    Films to download

Sometimes our office equipment can’t keep up with our expectations. There’s so much going on with our multi function devices that one small component failing can lead to disaster. With all the bits and pieces inside the machines being so complex, you either can’t, or don’t dare to, open up the machine and see what’s going on in there. You can try your old favourite remedies, like turning it on and off again, or in some cases, resort to violence to resolve the problem. Be honest here – who hasn’t cursed at a printer, or kicked a photocopier in the hope of getting it working again?

If your office magician can’t get the printer, scanner or copier fixed, don’t worry – Prolific Solutions can. Even better they wouldn’t make it on this list, as on average they can get your office equipment up and running in four hours, letting your office magician focus on the job they’re meant to be doing

Paula HortonComment