GDPR - How we can help you

We thought with the 25th May fast approaching we wanted to communicate some information that will hopefully make your life a little easier and tick some of the boxes in your GDPR policies.

We won’t go into GDPR, by now I’m sure you all know what it is and the implications for your business and we are definitely not GDPR experts!

However we know a little bit about printers and copiers!

Below are a few things to consider. Some of which come as standard (depending on your Toshiba model) and others will take your security and policies to another level. Remember it’s about what is right for your business and how you handle personal data. This isn’t a “one fits all” solution.

Toshiba Secure HDD – Most printers and photocopiers will have a hard drive that will store an image in a number of ways, the hard drives in the e-Bridge Next range have the following as standard.

  • 256-bit AES encryption – this is the highest level of encryption available
  • Encrypts in real time and stores encryption key on the HDD
  • Knows which MFP device it has been built onto and will only share info after authentication
  • If removed and connected to any other device the encryption key is deleted

Identity Authentication – It’s essential that you know who has access to your device and how it is being used.

  • Locked print – ensures no data is released other than for the intended individual
  • User codes – basic level of identification

For the next level of security, we would recommend PaperCut. This offers print management and secure print release (via a pin or swipe card). 

Document Management (Scan Solutions) – Data being scanned into your organisation needs to be handled in line with your GDPR policies. It may be that you need a more robust solution than the standard scan to email/folder function.

  • We can offer complete document management solutions through various partners. Such as Drivve Image and Nuance.


If you would like to discuss further or have any concerns please give us a call and we’d be happy to advise further.