Why Toshiba printers would make a good Rugby team

The teams are being announced this week for the upcoming Six Nations rugby, which kicks off in early February. We're dedicated sports fans at Prolific Solutions and the impending Six Nations got us thinking about just how closely aligned the multi-functional Toshiba printers we sell are with a well-drilled rugby team.


How, you ask? Well, let us lay out our case for the judges and demonstrate the similar characteristics you'll find (we're pretty sure you'll soon see the method to our madness!):


They have to be robust


Much like a front row rugby player that has to take the blows when they come, a Toshiba printer is equally robust and durable, capable of heavy use in the workplace to optimise your workflow and boost business productivity.


They have to be organised


In a 15-man rugby team, every player knows their place and their role on the pitch. All the Toshiba printers that we sell at Prolific Solutions can be organised to work around your business needs, with optional configurations to meet your bespoke demands.


They have to work fast


In the same way a flying winger needs to work quickly to evade the tackles, our Toshiba printers are all designed to work fast. For example, the Toshiba A3 multi-functional printer is capable of printing at 50 pages per minute and there are many others available within our product range that are perfect for hectic print rooms.


They have unrivalled stamina and performance


A rugby match lasts 80 gruelling minutes and subsequently all of the players set to represent their countries at the 2017 Six Nations will require supreme stamina and performance to overcome a busy calendar of matches. Our Toshiba printers are similarly made to work day-in, day-out, with consistent man-of-the-match performances for all your printing needs.


Reliable back-end management and support staff


Of course, behind every successful rugby team is a management team that's masterminded their victories. That rings true with any multi-functional Toshiba device you choose from Prolific Solutions. Our management team listen to our customers' business needs and work hard to deliver a printing solution that meets their productivity and eco-efficiency goals.


Because Toshiba's red branding = success!


A study by German sports psychologists at the University of Munster found that sports teams that wear red are more likely to win than those wearing any other colour. It's that kind of positive attitude and approach that breeds success for our customers and those on the rugby field!

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