Not all heroes wear capes: 6 ways to be the office hero

Everyone has a bad day sometimes, and every now and again things just plain go wrong at work, but there are plenty of ways to boost morale, be seen as ultra-helpful and be the office hero, all without wearing a cape or your underwear outside your trousers (unless that’s your thing, of course):

1. Cake is always a good thing!

You don’t have to wait for your birthday to turn up to the office with a supply of cake. Make it a once a week thing on a Friday, or perhaps get everyone to join in and bring in a pot luck supply of cake and biscuits on special occasions, like the last day before Christmas break.

2. The (not so) secret stash

Why not be known for being the person who has spare, well, just about everything, in your drawer? Spare tissues, spare plasters, spare sweets, spare batteries for the projector remote control, extra white board markers… The list is endless.

3. Be the office optimist

Spreading cheer, acknowledging great work and being positive can all help people feel good, though you might want to leave off the super happy and bouncy stuff until after all the ‘not a morning person’ people have had their second cup of coffee!

4. Birthdays

Add everyone’s birthday to the office calendar with a reminder and keep some spare birthday cards, candles and decorations in your drawer, just in case someone forgets.

5. Healthy snacks

Keep the office stocked up with healthy snacks to avoid that afternoon energy slump, and the office will love you. Try Office Pantry for delicious snacks that won’t expand the waistline, unlike all that cake! Our previous blog has some great tips on what snacks you should eat in the office.

6. Socialise

Be the planner for your work socials, look at fun nights out and events that are a little different, like a belly dancing class or a night learning to make cocktails. But perhaps getting a little too merry and dancing on the table at the bowling night might not be your best idea.

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Paula HortonComment