A note to the NHS

As I sit here (with one leg slightly raised) I feel a mixture of gratitude and apprehension.

Today is my first day back after having 10 days off of work, the longest break I've had since I started the business five years ago.

Last week I had planned surgery on my hip which will now hopefully allow me to reach my fitness goals!

The day of surgery didn't go quite as planned, I had a six-hour delay, no food for 18 hours and limited water (FYI I'm a 3 meals a day kind of girl!). This wasn't just me, there were several people in the same position, but wow, did they complain. I couldn't understand their behaviour. We live in a country where we have access to a fantastic health service. Yes, sometimes the waiting times can be a while but I couldn't fault the level of service and treatment I received on the day of my surgery. The staff were professional, caring and kept me informed of the day at every stage (and don't even get me started on the abundance of food and drink we have available to us in this country. This was less than 24 hours!).

The surgery was a success and the last week has been about the start of my rehab and recovery.

Previous to my time off, I'd obsessively gone over in my head, every situation and outcome that might arise on my time away but I really didn't need to be worried or concerned. 

All my customers knew where to go, what to do if they had any issues, concerns or questions that I normally would of promptly responded to.

And today as I sit here on my first day back, yes, I'm in pain, yes, I feel apprehensive about getting on top of my workload but the thing that is so prominent is the level of gratitude that I have for the NHS this country provides.

Hopefully I won't have to have any surgery any time again soon! But if I do, I know I'll be in safe hands and any concerns about the business will be minimal.